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Dear students,


Thanks for visiting this site. Below you will find the most important information to create a file for laser cutting and other information.

- file: .ai (for illustrator CS 6.0). A .pdf is also possible

- line thickness; 0.25pt (it should yust be visible)

- ungroup everything

- be aware off double lines, check the layers and use CTRL + Y

- don't use a color fill, but only a stroke color

- don't use clipping masks or other effects.

- Use CTRL + Y to check if there are more lines in the file then you want

- don't use invisible lines


- please make 1 file with everyting in it. Also if you want to cut different materials. Use 1 big artboard.

- make sure al the objects are IN the artboard.

- don't use the artboard as a line


- € 1,- per minute.

- A minimum of € 8,- per assignment. THIS IS NOT A START TARIF, BUT A MINIMUM

- I can give a price estimate in advance (if you have a file)



- free delivery in Eindhoven (Design academy or TUe or other schools)

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