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We are a Dutch brand that produces handmade jewellery and intimates and we are proud of it!


An Intimate Story's jewellery is based on digital prints that tell a story about a women, strength and femininity. We strive to brighten up your day with our colorful collections.


Every single item will be made with care, love and joy. All items are personally produced in our founder's studio in Eindhoven



Photography: Studio Levien

Model: Veerle Verhagen

Intimate wire earrings 2020 - An intimate story

€ 25,95Price
    • width: 5 mm
    •  length: 30 mm
    •  thickness: 3 mm
    • lightweight acrylate
    • acrylate colors anthracite and brown are recycled materials
    • goldfilled 14k
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