Dear Design Academy Eindhoven student,

Here you will find all the information that you need to have assignments laser cut

Step 1: email the .ai file (mark At seeyoulaser dot nl) and your phone number and delivery address
Step 2: seeyoulaser will deliver the assignment for free (monday to friday around 17:00)
Step 3: i will text you when I am at the DAE

The email:
 It should contain the following information:
- the file
- your name and mobile phone number,
- what material you want to cut
- the delivery address

The file:
- *.ai. / *.pdf save for CS 6.0
- no dubble lines, no clipping masks or other strange things
- always create outlines for TEXT, (select text, right mouse button, create outlines)
- use only stroke color, no fill color
- cutting is black stroke, line engraving is red stroke, full engraving is green stroke
- for full engraving, objects shoult ALWAYS be 100% closed
- please make the file in mm

€1,- per minute
Minimum of € 8,-

The materials:
I have these materials on stock. You pay for what you use.

Greyboard (100 * 70cm):
- 1mm
- 2mm
- 3mm

- 3, 6, and 9mm poplar plywood (120 * 81cm)
- 3mm birch plywood (75 * 75cm)

- 7mm brown corrugated 2 waves (110 * 86cm)
- 1,5mm brown and white corrugated (100 * 70cm)
- 1,7mm passepartout cardboard 1 side color, 1 side white (110cm * 80cm)

- 3mm, transparant, white, black and mirrow (100 * 80cm)
- 5mm transparant (100 * 80cm)

Materials i don't cut:
- metal, aluminium, glass, all pvc containing materials,

Laser speed of materials (indication for cutting):

Speed 40 (2meters per minute)
- 1,5 and 7mm currugated cardboard
- 3mm poplar plywood
- paper
- textiles

Speed 30 (1,4m per minute)
- 2mm grey board
- 1,7mm passepartout cardboard

Speed 20 (1m per minute)
- 3mm acrylic
- 6mm poplar plywood

Speed 10 (0,50m per minute)
- 5mm acrylic
- 9mm poplar plywood